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Unique in the world, heart-shaped 4 layer 100% bamboo muslin cloth. Designed to replace uncomfortable diapers and cloths used during breastfeeding time. 

  • Ideally covers breasts at night and protects against cold and infections
  • Absorbs scent of mother and put next to a baby supports pleasant sleep
  • Perfect for baby carrying - ideal fit for back and front. Protects against overheating and sweating


50x45cm, 20"x18"

70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton

Sweethearts are multifunctional diapers which are useful in many situations with a little baby. Maybe it’s the ultimate diaper for 0-12 months time? Each breastfeeding mother will appreciate the functionality of sweethearts. Heart shape is very conventional for many purposes. 4 layers of soft bamboo muslin assure proper thickness and fluid absorbency.


  1.        Is great for breastfeeding – covering breasts, wiping the mouth of a baby, burping
  2.        Absorbs scent of a mom and is useful for a dad or other person babysitting while mom is away
  3.        Protects breasts against cold – ideally covers them and reduces risk of infection
  4.        Is useful during heavy lactation – is much more absorbent than lactation pads
  5.        Laid under the baby’s head effectively reduces sweating
  6.        Is great for slings and baby carriers – reduces temperature and sweating of both a baby and a parent
  7.        Can serve as a bib


  • Super soft 100% bamboo fabric made in Poland:
    • Reduces sweating – bamboo viscose keeps its temperature 2°C lower than the environment
    • UV protection
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Antibacterial
    • Antifungal
    • Fresh & self sterilizing (bamboo viscose sterilizes itself by 30%)
    • Smell neutralization
    • Free from pesticides
    • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Exclusive MAYLILY designs
  • Excellent print quality - Oeko-Tex certified
  • Sewn in Poland, EU

Unique in the world, heart-shaped 4 layer 100% bamboo muslin cloth. Designed to re...

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