Neck, cleavage & bust brush

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The highest quality ecological brush for the neck, cleavage and bust.

The brush is made of beech wood and horse hair (trimmed). It is soft, delicate, perfect for the sensitive skin of the neck, cleavage and breasts.

Suitable for all skin types.

Regular brushing is not only a great relaxation, but also improves the firmness and appearance of the skin. Brushing prepares the skin for further care treatments and enhances their effectiveness.


How to use a brush?


  • Wash your body
  • Massage the breasts: starting under the armpit, make a clockwise circle around the breast, brush the breast from the nipple towards the top of the breast (5 times). Repeat for the other breast.
  • Massage the neckline: make large circles on the neckline (repeat 5 times), brush the collarbone from the inside out (5 times each), brush the neckline from behind the shoulder towards the breast (5 times)
  • Do a neck massage: lift your head, then brush your neck from the neckline to the chin from the bottom up and then from the top down - repeat 5 times for each part of the neck
  • After brushing, use a serum, cream or your favorite body lotion.
  • Brush yourself daily and do a breast self-examination once a month.


How to care for the brush?

After use, shake the bristles off and spray with disinfectant. Do not wet the brush, it negatively affects the unpainted wood (visually, the brush still retains its properties).


The brush is made without the use of glue, therefore the initial loss of a small amount of bristles is a natural phenomenon and does not affect its functionality.


Composition: beech wood, horsehair


Diameter: 7 cm


The highest quality ecological brush for the neck, cleavage and bust.

The brush is ...

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